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DraftKings does a lot of things right. They net a perfect 10 for Variety due to a sports selection unmatched by anyone else in daily fantasy sports. They have some room to improve when it comes to Value, as their deposit bonus is quite difficult to clear for those playing low stakes.
Variety 10.0
Action 9.0
Value 4.0
Interface 9.0
Support 8.0

DraftKings sets themselves apart by offering the best sports selection of any daily fantasy sports site today. Their excellent lobby interface makes finding contests a breeze, and they’ve made it clear that they’re not afraid to be aggressive with their prize pools to attract new players and attention.

The Nitty Gritty

Stakes: $1 to $1,060 (GPPs and 50/50), $1 to $10,600 (H2H)
Mobile: Yes, app available
Late Swap: Yes
Accessibility: See Where You Can Play DFS
Claim to fame: Boasts the largest sports selection of all DFS sites along with some of the highest GPP prize pools available online

Variety: 10/10DraftKings is second to none when it comes to sports variety. Most of the DFS sites today offer games for the major four North American sports (MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL). DraftKings goes above and beyond this, however, by hosting contests for the PGA, soccer, MMA, and NASCAR.

Their stake variety is also excellent. With GPPs starting as low as $0.25, almost any sized bankroll can try to hit a big payday. For the high rollers, GPPs and 50/50s go as high as $1,060. Head-to-head games start at $1 and go as high as $10,600.

Action: 9/10DraftKings enjoys one of the largest player pools for daily fantasy sports today. They’re frequently upping the ante when it comes to guaranteed prize pools, offering special tournaments on a regular basis and even the occasional Millionaire Maker.

If cash games are more your style, DraftKings is your site of choice for head-to-head contests due to the excellent traffic they have there. If you choose to sit lobbies, you will have the ability to limit the number of times any one opponent plays you at each stake, preventing the same person from sitting all your contests.

Value: 4/10Your accumulated FPPs can be redeemed in the VIP store for various items or contest tickets. If you choose to apply your FPPs to contest entries, then you can redeem them at a rate of 550 FPPs per $1 entry fees. This works out to $0.0018 per FPP and equates to getting back slightly less than three quarters of cent for every $1 in entry fees paid.

If you’re a value hunter, better FPP conversion rates can be found if you choose to purchase merchandise rather than contest entries. For example, some of the shirts in the store (at the time of writing) gave a value of $0.0022 per FPP when redeemed for FPPs. This difference may seem negligible to some, but for others, it might be worth it.

If you play cash games on DraftKings, you’ll find that their rake is slightly lower than FanDuel’s for head-to-head games between $215 and $1,060 and 50/50 games between $215 and $1,060. For most GPPs, however, their rake is a bit higher.

4/8/16 update: DraftKings changed their player rewards program in the Spring of 2016, changing from a system in which players earned 3 FPPs for every $1 in entry fees to 1 FPP for every $1 in entry fees. Players are able to earn extra FPPs by completing daily special missions such as entering a specific buy-in in a specific sport. DraftKings also added flash bonus contests, in which have extra value in the form of contest tickets.

DraftKings also added a set of freerolls that take place at the start of every month. There are four tiers for these freerolls and they are as such. Tier one or bronze tier earns you entry into a $10k freeroll and to gain entrance you have to earn 1,000 FPPs in a month. Tier two or silver tier earns you entry into a $25k freeroll and to gain entrance you have to earn 2,500 FPPs in a month. Tier three or gold tier earns you entry into a $100k freeroll and to gain entrance you have to earn 5,000 FPPs in a month. The fourth and final tier is the platinum tier which gains you entry into a $100k freeroll and a $50k VIP experience contest. The platinum tier requires you to earn 20,000 FPPs in a month.

Overall this new rewards system is worse for players who play substantial volume but is actually better for those who don’t play a great deal of buy-ins on a day to day basis. The conversion rate for FPPs remains the same across the board.


Interface: 9/10DraftKings has an excellent lobby system, giving experienced players ways to filter for the games they need without being overwhelming to new players. Using a combination of their tab system and advanced filters, it’s quite easy to find the contest you want without having to scroll through long lists of other contests. Another nice feature of DraftKings is the ability to watch live game scoring for featured events, even if you haven’t entered them yourself, giving you the chance to rail your friends or favorite players.

Support: 8/10Contacting DraftKings support by email during business hours (Monday to Friday from 9 AM – 11 PM EST and 10 AM to 7:00 PM EST on weekends) usually yields a response quite quickly. If you contact them during off hours, they will respond the following day once they resume business hours. Either way, they send a confirmation email to let you know that your request has been submitted.

Other options for contacting DraftKings include filling out a form on their Contact Us page as well as chatting with them via their live chat option. It is up for debate as to whether it is more efficient to live chat or email, however. Upon testing, it took several minutes for an agent to join a live chat, and replies weren’t as swift as one would hope. It should also be noted that it is only available during normal business hours, and sometimes they temporarily disable live chat when there is a large volume of inquiries. Email is still our preferred way to contact support, but DraftKings should receive some kudos for offering another way to reach out.

One of our biggest complaints about DraftKings support is that they are often too quick to offer cookie-cutter responses to emails. If they deny a request a first, sometimes a follow-up email will get the job done. While it’s nice that they are willing to reconsider requests and feedback, sometimes it would be nice to just have the correct decision made in the first place.

Another complaint is the lack of 24/7 support from DraftKings. Support is quick during business hours, but it can be very frustrating when a problem comes up outside such hours.

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