There are few players in daily fantasy sports that can tout the longevity and results that Peter Jennings has enjoyed. Known as CSURAM88 online, the 26 year-old DraftKings Pro has been grinding daily fantasy sports for the past four years, profiting handsomely in pretty much every sport available. With over 100,000 wins on FanDuel and over $3.5 million in earnings on DraftKings, Jennings has grossed over $10 million in earnings in a very short time. It really is no surprise that Jennings is one of the most recognizable faces in the DFS world.

Peter Jennings

Biggest Claim to Fame to Date

Hailing from Denver, Colorado, Jennings has pretty much always been in the forefront of DFS. It is safe to say that the last few years have been the biggest for him yet, however. In August 2014 Jennings qualified a whopping three times for the $3.3 Million DraftKings Fantasy Baseball Championship. While two of his lineups didn’t do much, the third crushed his closest competitor by twenty points, leading to him taking down the $1 million first place prize.

Staying Ahead of the Competition

Jennings’ dedication to a strong research system is one of the things that has helped him stay atop the DFS world many years and thousands of hours into his tenure in the industry. He is a big believer in utilizing Las Vegas odds and lines as an important tool in picking games and players to target. Well-respected amongst his peers for the expertise he brings to the game when it comes to in-depth research, Jennings teamed up with fellow DraftKings Pro Jonathan Bales earlier this year. A DFS author and known for his success in both MLB and NFL, Bales has worked with Jennings before in the past when Jennings contributed to several of his strategy books.


More Than Just a Maker of Lineups

Bales and Jennings have combined to form, a model based strategy site that focuses on looking into more advanced analytics and offers players the option to focus on certain models or specific statistics rather than just a simple cheat sheet. For example, the site allows you to pick players based upon a certain stat you’re trying to build around such as strikeouts or home runs.

Still Grinding the Cash Games

Despite all the success Jennings has experienced over the past few years, he can still often be found sitting head-to-head lobbies and playing the highest stake GPPs across FanDuel and DraftKings in pretty much every sport. Surprisingly, he lists college football as his favorite DFS sport to compete in. Still primarily a cash game player despite his fantastic results in GPPs, Jennings is very much present in the day-to-day daily fantasy sports grind.

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