Similar to online poker before the explosion of big money live tournaments, many of the biggest names in daily fantasy sports are still just that – names. Much like Maxdalury until recent times, CONDIA has been known as a juggernaut in the daily fantasy sports world while still being an unknown to most of the industry in a lot of ways. Almost no one knew what he looked like or even what his real name was until his third place finish in the DraftKings 2015 Fantasy Football World Championship. The Round of 200 in that event marked his first public appearance, ever.

So what did we learn? We now know that CONDIA’s name is Charles Chon and that he hails from Denver, Colorado. His favorite NFL team is, predictably, the Denver Broncos. What we knew before and what remains the same is that CONDIA is exceptional at NFL DFS and DFS in general.

No Longer Just A Screenname 

CONDIA’s first public appearance was an important one for him, as he dominated in the Round of 200 in the 2015 FFWC which lead to him finishing more than 20 points ahead of his closest competitor. Given that this was a cumulative contest with results from the Grand Final during the January Divisional Playoffs also counting, CONDIA was set up for a big payday. Though he was in a great spot, CONDIA was modest about his prospects, understanding that lots of things can happen with four NFL games left to come.

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The Grand Final didn’t go as CONDIA would’ve hoped. Packers wide receiver Randall Cobb went down early in his match-up against the Cardinals, bringing CONDIA’s lineup down with a zero point performance. Ultimately, that opened up the door for aejones and danny1234 to leapfrog him, sending him down to 3rd place. CONDIA took it in stride, enjoying the moment and the respectable $1 million consolation prize. He stated after the event was over that he plans to try to make it to more of these events in the future.

A Polarizing Figure 

Before the past few months, CONDIA was something of a legend, even a myth in DFS. There were and still are a lot of players like this, in that they play high stakes contests across several prominent DFS sites like DraftKings and FanDuel, yet no one really has any idea who they are other than a name in a lobby.

CONDIA plays an incredible amount of volume at all stakes with a drive to be the best. This causes opinions of him to be quite divisive. Some feel like he shouldn’t be playing at the lowest stakes with his bankroll and skill level, especially given the large selection of games out there. A Google search shows a link to a Reddit thread asking why he’s in every contest. Another link talks about how to beat CONDIA in a head-to-head contest, and another has brags about beating him. Overall there has been plenty of focus on him for years now, with people both analyzing and publicly disliking him.

Perhaps as a side effect of his success and presence in the games, a rather crazy theory about CONDIA came about during the 2013 NBA season. A game in Mexico City between the Spurs and Timberwolves was called off due to a fire in the building. CONDIA was fortunate enough to have no players from that game while many other competitors in the DFS community did. A rumor grew that CONDIA somehow had a hand in starting the fire, thus giving him an advantage over other players. During an interview with DraftKings leading up to the FFWC, CONDIA dispelled the obviously crazy rumor. It’s tough to think of any other DFS player who would have a story about them like that one gain traction.

What Does The Future Hold? 

Leading up to the Grand Final, CONDIA stated that even if he won, he had no intent to retire. Presumably he’ll remain one of the highest volume players in DFS, if not the highest volume player. Unlike players who have had a more vocal presence in the DFS community, CONDIA has kept his strategies close to the vest, not writing for any DFS websites or discussing any of his strategies in a public forum. Instead, he focuses his time and energy on constructing lineups across several sites and slates each day. This signals a focus on his long term prospects in the DFS world.

In the past, CONDIA has not shied away from battles against other high stakes players such as maxdalury. His big finish in the FFWC will give him more ammunition to go to war at the highest stakes if he so chooses. It seems doubtful that CONDIA will go the route of someone like CSURAM88 or Al_Smizzle and become a prominent face of the game, talking about it on ESPN and producing podcasts. Stranger things have happened, of course, but it seems much more likely for him to continue on as an omnipresent name in DFS lobbies, ready to take on all comers.

One thing that is for sure is that CONDIA remains one of the most intriguing names in the industry, and that likely won’t end anytime soon.

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