“Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life” is a quote many people aspire to have describe their lives. It isn’t a life that’s easy to attain and it often requires hard work and a little bit of luck. That quote can also be found in the Twitter profile of DraftKings analyst Al Zeidenfeld, better known as Al_Smizzle in the daily fantasy sports world.

Zeidenfeld has managed to not only be a successful daily fantasy sports player but has also parlayed his talents into much more than simply playing the games. He certainly seems to have quite the drive in this stage of his career despite being what many would consider wildly successful.

Not just a number cruncher

While Zeidenfeld is no slouch when it comes to daily fantasy sports, he is perhaps more well known these days for his incredible amount of production in the media side of things. During the NFL season Zeidenfeld along with Peter “CSURAM88” Jennings can be found on ESPN, helping out daily fantasy football players with their insight, while during NBA season he produces content for ESPN.com.

Zeidenfeld has also co-hosted many a podcast, including the Daily Fantasy Football Edge, sponsored by DraftKings. That popular podcast is also co-hosted by Adam Levitan and Jennings, another collaboration between Jennings and Zeidenfeld.

Al Zeidenfeld (footballguys.com)

Always up for high stakes

When Zeidenfeld isn’t busy recording podcasts, writing and doling out advice on ESPN, he is still a mainstay of the highest stakes contests online, events such as the Kings Cup. His best finish in that contest came in last year’s MLB version, getting knocked out in the Semi-Finals for $10,000. He’s also qualified for well over a dozen live finals, most recently the 2015 DraftKings Fantasy Football World Championship.

Zeidenfeld has numerous big finishes in the Grinders Podium, his most recent win being in the NBA $400k Shootaround for $50,000. While he doesn’t seem to play as many GPPs these days, he is always a good bet to make a run towards the top of the leaderboard when he does.

Successful but still on the grind

Though he’s not a mainstay in the lobbies of DraftKings and FanDuel anymore, that doesn’t mean Al_Smizzle has stopped working. Though if you asked him, he probably wouldn’t say it was work. Nevertheless, everyday in one way or another he’s still grinding. Whether it be producing content to help players improve or entering big money contests on daily fantasy sports sites – an industry he’s been apart of for years – Al_Smizzle keeps moving forward. It’s always easier when you’re doing what you love.

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