While transitioning from high stakes poker to high stakes daily fantasy sports has become an increasingly common occurrence, it still is quite the feat to be truly great at both games. Ryan Daut is an example of one such player, though he’s flown under the radar a lot more than 2015 DraftKings Fantasy Football World Champion Aaron “aejones” Jones.

Though Jones never managed to win a massive live poker tournament like he’s done in daily fantasy sports with the Fantasy Football World Championship, he did excel at high stakes cash games. In fact, he raked in seven-figures during his days as a high stakes professional poker player. Now, he’s established himself as one of the top players in daily fantasy sports.

The Transition 

Before making his foray into the daily fantasy sports world, Jones was a mainstay in some of the highest stakes cash games available in online poker. He also parlayed his success on the virtual felt by developing a popular poker training website in Leggo Poker during 2011. That training site was then bought by IveyPoker in 2013, which is owned by all-time poker great Phil Ivey.

During his days as a full time poker pro, Jones was known as a confident, talented and very dangerous player. After PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker exited the American online poker scene in 2011, Jones started traveling to places such as Mexico and Canada to continue playing poker.

jonescondia - resized
Jones celebrates his win (draftkings.com)

Daily fantasy sports started to become more and more popular, however, and Jones turned his eye to it. As he spent more time playing daily fantasy sports, he effectively transitioned out of poker and became a full time daily fantasy sports grinder. Now Jones can be found playing anything from MMA to NBA DFS on a daily basis.

Taking Down a Big One

While Jones was establishing himself in daily fantasy sports just fine, his breakout moment was in the 2015 DraftKings Fantasy Football World Championship. Nothing says you’ve arrived quite like a championship belt and an oversized check for five million dollars.

It wasn’t an easy ride for Jones, coming into the Grand Final in 5th place and trailing CONDIA by 29.2 points after Week 1 of the Championship. Fortunately, it was a cumulative score event which gave Jones the chance to catch up during the NFL Divisional Playoffs. CONDIA hit a brick wall early on in Week 2 of the Championship due to Packers wide receiver Randall Cobb getting injured and coming away with zero points. That gave Jones all the opening he needed to make a run towards the top of the leaderboard.

Jones profited heavily in the finals due to his focus on the Cardinals offense, stacking quarterback Carson Palmer, running back David Johnson and two wide receivers in Larry Fitzgerald and Michael Floyd. Fitzgerald’s massive 34.6 point day paved the way to a Jones victory, and he ended up taking home the money and the belt.

Different Game, Same Story 

Jones believes himself to be a well rounded grinder who is able to succeed in sports outside of the major four of NFL, NBA, NHL,and MLB. Playing poker, he was able to get to the upper echelon of the game. Much like poker, daily fantasy sports requires hard work, and correct analysis is rewarded in the long run. This is good news for the man known as aejones, a name that will likely be found at the top of lobbies on DraftKings and FanDuel for some time to come.

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