NFL Building Blocks: Daily Fantasy Football Strategy

Daily Fantasy Football Research

It’s time to get ready for daily fantasy football. This is the first of our series of strategy posts covering the basics of lineup building for NFL DFS.

Choosing a Quarterback

In the second part of our NFL Building Blocks series, we’ll be talking about choosing a quarterback for your NFL DFS lineups. Our quarterback in NFL DFS is often going to dictate how we build our lineup and how we spend our salary.

Running Backs in Cash Games

In this edition of Building Blocks, we’re going to be taking a look at running backs. Not only are they the bread and butter of many offenses in the NFL, they’re often the bread and butter of many offenses in daily fantasy sports lineups.

Running Backs in GPPs

This edition of Building Blocks continues our look at running backs. We will take a look at how to pick a running back for a GPP lineup, as well as how weather affects our choices for the position.

Wide Receivers in Cash Games

NFL Building Blocks has conquered quarterbacks and running backs, and now it’s time to focus on pass catchers. Wide receiver is arguably the highest variance position in the NFL.

Wide Receivers in GPPs

The look at wide receivers rolls on in this edition of Building Blocks. In part 2, we’ll be focusing on what we’re looking for in a wide receiver in GPPs and the considerations we need to make with weather.

Choosing a Tight End

We are at the halfway point for our look at positions in our NFL Building Blocks series. It’s now time to take a look at perhaps the least fun offensive position to deal with: the tight end.

Choosing a Kicker

This edition of Building Blocks is going to go over some things to consider when choosing a kicker for our daily fantasy football lineups.

Defense/Special Teams

Our final look at positions in daily fantasy football will focus on defense and special teams. Just like with the kicker position, there will be no separation in strategy between cash games and GPPs in this Building Blocks article.

Correlations in Lineup Construction

We’ve covered research for daily fantasy football and talked about every position in our NFL Building Blocks strategy series. Now it’s time for the most important part of NFL DFS: lineup construction.

Lineup Construction in Cash Games & GPPs

In the first part of the our look at lineup construction, we focused on the important correlations that need to be kept in mind. Now that we’ve covered the correlations, we can take a closer look at constructing lineups in NFL DFS cash games and GPPs.