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RotoTracker is a DFS tool that allows you to track and analyze your results, similar to online poker tools such as Hold’em Manager or PokerTracker. The main difference between RotoTracker and the aforementioned poker tracking applications is that no downloads are necessary as RotoTracker is a website rather than a piece of software.

RotoTracker allows you to see how many contests you’ve entered, how many entries you’ve made and what your ROI is, among other useful stats. You’re able to look at custom time periods and analyze your statistics on specific sites. You can even take a look at how you do on certain days of the week.

As of February 2016, RotoTracker can be used to track your results on FanDuel, DraftKings, Yahoo Daily Fantasy, and DraftDay.


Knowing your results in and of itself is something that is quite useful. However, the fact that RotoTracker also allows you to analyze exactly how you’re doing in certain sports or versus specific opponents gives you the ability to see important data in a quick and efficient fashion.

The filtering options on RotoTracker are extremely valuable. Users are able to see how they’re performing in different types of contests and at specific buy-in levels. When you add in the ability to filter for time periods this gives the user a great level of customization for analyzing their statistics.

When all of your tinkering around with RotoTracker’s many options is done, you’re then able to look at a graph of results based upon your choices of filters.


The first time you use RotoTracker, you’ll want to get your results added and up to date. With regards to DraftKings, your only option is to manually download your results from the site and then upload the .csv files to RotoTracker. For FanDuel, DraftDay, and Yahoo, RotoTracker has a Google Chrome extension that allows you to sync your results, which is seamless and takes no time. Your results will then automatically upload. If you just prefer to manually upload your results, that is always an option.

Subscription Plans

There are four tiers for users of RotoTracker. There’s a free tier that gives players the option of looking at the 250 latest contests. After that, there are three paid tiers that allow users to look at varying amounts of contests for varying costs. The cost for a Bronze, Silver, or Gold plan is $6.50, $12.50, or $32.50 per month respectively, but you can reduce the cost per month significantly by purchasing a yearly subscription plan.

Subscription Prices
RotoTracker Subscription Plan

Ultimately, RotoTracker can be just about whatever you want. You can use it to look at an amazing amount of data if you’re so inclined or you can merely look at your latest results. It’s a useful tool for daily fantasy sports players of all bankroll sizes.


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