Daily Fantasy Football Basic Strategy: Part 8

This edition of Building Blocks is going to go over some things to consider when choosing a kicker for our daily fantasy football lineups. Our strategy for picking a kicker is a lot simpler than for other positions, so this article is going to be a lot shorter than the previous few in the series.

All Types of Games

Cheap Value Kickers

Our basic strategy when it comes to finding a kicker is to choose a game with a high projected score. If a team is projected to score 20 or more, we can assume that its kicker will have at least some opportunities to put up points.

Usually we want to spend as little as possible on a kicker. Kickers are often minimum priced or close to it, and it is almost never worth it to pick kickers that are significantly more expensive than the rest of the pack. While kickers are capable of putting up big games where they hit multiple long field goals, it’s far from the norm and it can be hard to predict. So we would rather choose a cheap option from a team with a high projected score.

Offenses That Stall in the Red Zone

To gain a bit of an edge, we can try to find offenses that slow down in the red zone. Team rankings lets you look at a team’s red zone scoring percentage to see how adept a team is at scoring a touchdown once they reach the other end of the field. Teams with a low red zone scoring percentage offer a positive situation for prospective kickers.

A good example of this is the 2014 Philadelphia Eagles, who scored a touchdown just 49.15% of the time during trips to the red zone. Cody Parkey, their kicker, went on to have several big games because of this, gaining more opportunities than most kickers to kick field goals. His salary did rise as the season went on due to his string of good performances, but before his salary increase, he offered a great opportunity for players to score big points for a small price.

That’s the end of our focus on the kicker position in NFL DFS. If you have any questions or want to discuss something in this article, please post in our Building Blocks: Kicker discussion topic. Any other questions, comments, or ideas for future articles in this series should be posted in our daily fantasy football forum.


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